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Why register a .nu domain:

Why you should choose a .nu domain!

1. Unique.  Remember when there was only .com, .net, .org?  There are
   now over 800 Top Level Domains live on the web, with more being
   added every day.  If you want stability and trust, choose the original
   "new" Top Level Domain, .nu, online since 1997.  Don't get lost
   in the crowd.

2. Many names still available.  .NU offers one of the world’s best
   and largest pool of domain names.

3. A .nu domain is fit for anyone and perfect for businesses, associations,
   campaigns and creative people.  And why not for the family?

4. Be new now.  If you wish to promote anything for the Swedish, Danish,
   Norwegian or Dutch market, .nu also has a meaning in itself.
   “Nu” means "now" and is perfect for your own life event or your
   company’s campaign.

5. Privacy.  Your data is kept safe and secure, protected by the strongest
   privacy laws in the world.  Registrant data for all individuals is kept
   completely private.

6. Protect the environment.  When you register a .nu domain at
   nunames, you are supporting our Solar Energy Initiative.  All of our
   servers are powered by green energy.

   Do you want to know more?

   Get inspired by our customers web sites.

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